monk orders

In many of the cultures of Andriocht monks may seem a bit strange or foreign. Yet the subtle power of a monk is something that many lords covet and so their are no shortage of temples training people in their ways. Here are some of the more prominent traditions.

The Gath’Raken One of the more traditional monk orders the Gath’Raken was formed when Hwi’Gath a famous githzerai monk traveled to Andriocht and began teaching the people there. Many of the trainees there learn Githzerai culture as well and deep speech is the official language in it’s walls.

Zero ministry The zero ministry is the remnant of the old Ochtas empire that used to act as the empire’s spies and assassins. Zero ministers are known only by code names as one gives up one’s old life to become a zero agent. A more practical order the zero ministry trains rogues and assassins alongside monks.

The Bloody Way Not all monks are products of strict discipline and esoteric training. Most gnoll monks and many shifters learn by simply fighting with their teeth and claws until skilled enough to fight on par with swords and spears.

monk orders

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